The Noble Chrysanthemum: 9 Ways to Energize Your Life with the Feng Shui Symbol for Fall

According to traditional Feng Shui beliefs, now is the time to enjoy the noble chrysanthemum, the ancient symbol for fall and longevity.

A sacred flower is symbolic of each season: the chrysanthemum—fall, the plum blossom—winter, peony—spring, lotus—summer. It is considered especially lucky to use the flower in that season to energize one’s home, office, or garden:

The chrysanthemum is associated with the 9th month of the Chinese calendar—and is highly regarded because it is associated with a long life of ease, constancy, faithfulness, and goodwill.

Since it is associated with the sacred Feng Shui number of nine, buy a chrysanthemum on October 26th, the 9th day of the 9th lunar month this year, according to the Chinese calendar.

Here are nine ways to use chrysanthemums in Feng Shui:

1. In the traditional colors of white and yellow, these flowers can be especially in energizing the “metal” areas of the home—the Child/Creativity and Helpful People areas.

2. To send someone a wish for long life and contentment, send a card picturing a chrysanthemum paired with the pine tree, another symbol of long life.

3. Chrysanthemums are excellent indoors as air filters, are easy to care for, and last much longer than cut flowers.

4. Golden mums are especially effective in the Fame area (back middle) of the first floor of your home as well as the Fame area of your office.

5. The rich, yellow, round-headed chrysanthemum are considered the most auspicious and are associated with a life of ease.

6. Because the flowers blooms from fall into winter, it also symbolizes the link between life and death, Heaven and Earth. Therefore, it is believed that in funerals, the chrysanthemum can help the soul to transmigrate to the next life.

7. Chrysanthemums encourage tranquility and help to alleviate of grief and anxiety. Bring in the live plant (or a picture) to support the desire to kick bad habits, from gambling to smoking.

8. The chrysanthemum is not ideal in the Wealth section of the home since the flower’s life span is rather brief.

9. Chrysanthemums are thought to bring laughter and happiness into the home.

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