The Meaning of Dragons in Feng Shui


dragonDragons are strong, powerful Feng Shui symbols and exude male energy.  They are great for areas in your life that require strength, courage, protection, enthusiasm, and prosperity.

Location:  The best location for them is in an office, a work area, or the living room.  Not great in bedrooms—the male energy is too strong.  They should be at eye level.

For Love:  A dragon alone is too strong for the bedroom.  But if you wish to energize romance, you may consider pairing the dragon with a phoenix to balance the energy.

Wealth:  They are great in the Wealth area and can be combined with water to symbolize prosperity coming into your home. In this area, the best color for dragons is the either the color of water (black, dark blue green, dark blues, etc.) or the color of money (green or gold) or the color of vitality and energy (red).

Office:  In an office, they are ideal on the wall behind you as you sit at your desk.  In this way you are supported rather than challenged by the dragon, should you stare at it directly.

Kitchen:  As flowing water symbolizes flowing prosperity and good fortune, placing a dragon figurine or a wall hanging with a dragon image facing the kitchen faucet will enhance your good opportunities for accumulating prosperity in all forms.

You can also place a dragon image facing a fountain and other clean water sources. (Don’t place in the bathroom!)


  • Don’t have them in threes in your home.
  • Don’t have images that make you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable.
  • Avoid having rugs with dragon images where you step on them.
  • Since they are such a strong symbol, they are not appropriate for bathrooms, closets, garages (nor are sacred symbols or pictures).
  • They should not be crowded and must have space around them to symbolically fly.
  • Don’t buy pictures where the dragon is confined in a circle.

People have been using the dragon as a powerful symbol to revitalize areas of their lives for thousands of years.  Perhaps a dragon can give you the symbolic energy to make changes in your life!


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