The 6 Steps to Make Sure Your Home Sells! The Feng Shui Basics of Home Staging

ForSale!Recently, I went to the home of a client who had not sold her home in a year. Her realtor and various home stagers had denuded the home of any kind of personality—the walls were painted a neutral beige, anything personal was removed, and quite a bit of furniture was gone.

The house ended looking forlorn and abandoned rather than inviting for the next family.

Feng Shui tells us that we need a balanced, harmonious look in our home, no matter what our plans are for the future. If a potential buyer knows that people are still living in the home, most find it comforting and more attractive when they see a part of the seller’s personality reflected in the home.

1.  Of-course, some adjustments are standard—remove at least most of the personal pictures to allow the potential buyer to picture themselves in the environment.

2.  And clean out the clutter—keep surfaces and counters clear and closets half empty—no one wants to picture their own clothes crammed into a too-small closet space!

Reflecting your family’s personality

3. But retaining a bit of the family’s personality can add some charm to the home.

  • Keep your kids’ train set and Barbie playhouse visible in their rooms (without a lot of other clutter!) Cute kid toys make most parents smile and feel more warmly about the house.
  • Your family golf clubs leaning in the mudroom might remind the potential buyer that that the golf course is just a few minutes up the road, while a clean, inviting set of gardening tools can remind a potential buyer of the happy hours of gardening in store.
  • Even your antique kitchen implements can add a charming touch to a kitchen that might otherwise seem out of date!

What to keep hidden!

4. But some aspects of family life are better hidden:

  • I’ve been in an apartment that had a menacing weapons collection on the living room wall—yes, do remove and hang a neutral picture! (The walls were also painted black—again—while I think some quirky colors can be inviting and fun, here a quick three coats of a neutral white helped to rent the apartment.)
  • Another home included a sewing room filled from floor to ceiling with half-done projects—again, time to put this hobby away until the home is sold.
  • And racy pictures, political statements, and too many overt religious items can be off putting for the potential buyer who may have a different world view.

5. Finally, Feng Shui tells us that the general condition of the home and appliances reflects the health of the family. So make sure the potential new family feel this home will nurture them:

  • Fix broken windows and appliances; replace rusty fixtures (keep everything shiny and fingerprint free!);
  • Tighten loose doorknobs and latches;
  • Deodorize, deodorize, deodorize if you have a pet. You’ve lost the sale if the potential buyer smells little Fluffy or Rex when they walk in the door.

6. And consider applying Feng Shui principles so your home sends the right warm messages at the unconscious level, from how furniture is placed to the kind of artwork and décor items you actually display. Then get on a lucky path to your new home!   –Gabriele Amersbach, Lucky Path Feng Shui








  1. Will be seeking your help setting up my house “for sale” in a few weeks!!!

  2. Gabriele Amersbach says:

    Hi Megan, thanks for the hello–looking forward to helping out!

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