Six Feng Shui Steps To Promote Family Togetherness

With the start of the holiday season, it’s time to consider Feng Shui and that sometimes illusive family harmony.  Where can we begin?

  1. Clear off the dining room table so you have a place to eat together—then do so!  Make one meal a week together a minimum.
  2. Find other areas in the home where the family can be together—and make sure there is enough seating for everyone.
  3. A critical area in Feng Shui terms is the spot you see when you first open your eyes in the morning—make sure you see something uplifting and inspirational for the day, not a full laundry basket or an open bathroom door.  If your son sees a violent movie poster as his first view of the day, he may have an attitude to match!
  4. Clean the garage--when the first thing you see at the end of a long day is boxes of family junk and unfinished projects as you trip over size 13 sneakers and bags of dog food on your way to the door, you may be less inclined to kiss your mate or keep your temper when your child’s math grade is short of stellar.
  5. Same goes for your kids’ rooms.  Help them to declutter—sometimes they just need a helping hand for the first half hour.  As the chaos in their rooms decreases, you’ll notice a more cheerful kid emerge.
  6. Make each family member feel honored and valued–keep a child’s art project dusted and in a place of honor, hang the painted pottery plate that Mom made in class, display Dad’s softball trophies and frame his picture with the team.

When each member of the family feels cherished, and the family home is clean, well lit, and clutter free, with plenty of areas where all can gather and interact, harmonious family life becomes a daily reality rather than a holiday movie dream. —  Gabriele Amersbach,  Lucky Path Feng Shui




  1. Beth Vickers says:

    I’d be interested in taking a Feng Shui class, but I cannot make the May 5th date… I will be in an Eden Energy Medicine Class in Phoenix. Do you have other classes coming up or do you do private instruction?

    Beth Vickers

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