Services and Fees

Initial 15-minute consult is always free!

Home Consult—($335) A full home consult includes:

  • Initial phone discussion
  • Review of questionnaire and house/apartment plan
  • Walk through of home and grounds (about 2 hours)
  • Detailed report (sent within a week of the consult)
  • ½ hour phone follow-up discussion

For larger homes that require extensive analysis, the consult may require additional visit ($75 hourly rate that includes travel).

Home Office Consult—($150) Are you comfortable, productive, and full of excitement and joy as you work in your office? If not, a Lucky Path Feng Shui consult can help you rearrange your office so that it supports you in your business and career goals. Consult includes a review of the Wealth area” of your home and a complete report.

Business Consult—Consider Feng Shui principles when you design your office lay-out, redecorate your business location, or choose your office or business space. Initial consult is free. A consult includes an initial discussion, a walk-through of your place of business, followed up by a detailed report. ($75/ hour) No charge for travel up to one and a half hour round trip. After that, I charge for travel by the hour.

Remote consult—($320) A consult can be done via e-mail, with photos that detail both the inside and outside of the home and the grounds or via video.  We will discuss each room, just as with a live consult, and you will receive a full report within a week of the consult.

Feng Shui Specialty Party—invite 5 or more friends to your home or meeting room for a relaxed, fun evening (or afternoon) of Feng Shui discussion on a specific topic–from more romance to more harmonious family life. Learn Feng Shui principles and how to apply them to your own living space. ($20-$25 per person–home sponsor free with 5+ guests)

Topics (or we can build a topic tailored to your group):

  • Add Some Feng Shui Spark To Your Romantic Life! Learn how to nurture romance and relationship energy in your home.
  • How to Improve your Business with Feng Shui. Learn how to set up your office and your home environment to improve your business or career.
  • Let Abundance Flow with Feng Shui! Learn how you can make simple changes in your home environment to bring more abundance and opportunity into your home.
  • Which Element Are You? Take a simple test to determine which is your dominant element: wood, fire, earth, metal, or water. Learn how this affects your personality and how to balance the elements in your home.
  • Family Harmony with Feng Shui.  Learn how you can apply Feng Shui principles to bring harmony and peace to family life. 

Lucky Path Feng Shui cannot guarantee immediate results in specific areas of family or business life. Changes in the energy and flow of your home or business depend on how many adjustments you complete and your engagement in the process.

Some Feng Shui adjustments may have immediate effect, while other adjustments may take longer. Remember, your intention is always an important part of the Feng Shui process!  Would be happy to answer any questions before booking a consult.