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Dec 2013The heart of Feng Shui is harmony — the sense of well being we feel when all around us we find comfort, beauty, order, peace.

May 20135 Feng Shui Problems to Consider on the Outside of Your Home – What surrounds our homes can have a profound affect on how we think, what we feel, and ultimately, how we behave.

February 2013Celebrate the Month of Love! Learn how to energize your bedroom.

December 2012Welcome to the 12/12/12 edition of the Lucky Path Feng Shui Newsletter! Learn about the power of 12/12/12 and creating holiday memories with Feng Shui.

October 2012Better Health with Feng Shui! Since with Feng Shui, the environment is a metaphor for the body, adjustments to the environment can improve health, both in general and with specific concerns.

April 2012Discover the 6 Feng Shui Tips for Your Spring Garden!