Looking for a New Apartment? 7 Feng Shui Tips to Finding the Ideal New Home!

ApartmentSummer is when most of us search for that perfect new apartment—but before you sign the lease, consider a few Feng Shui tips that will keep you happy  in your new home long after you’ve unpacked the last box.

1. Look at what surrounds the apartment building.  Is there a large building that looms over your apartment building?  Are industrial buildings near by?   A church, cemetery, or prison?  None are considered auspicious.

2.  Take a close look at the outside of the building.  Check the general maintenance of the structure, the attractiveness of the entrance, the health of surrounding vegetation.  Dirty doors, weeds or dead shrubbery all affect the energy of the whole building

3.  Visible house numbers.  If the apartment is in a series of apartment buildings, make sure each building is well marked and your address is easily visible.  If your building and individual apartment are  hard to find, you’ll find it is symbolic of opportunity having difficulty finding your front door.

4.  Bright, cheerful lighting.  Once inside, look at the lighting near entrances and in hallways.  Every public area should be brightly lit and cheerful, a reflection of the energy that nurtures the building.

5.  Avoid a basement apartment—the energy is more stagnant in these areas.

6.  Be aware of unpleasant smells you encounter—you should not be overwhelmed with the smell of garbage or even cooking odors as you enter the building.

7.  Stable stairs.  If you need to climb stairs to get to your apartment, make sure the stairs are stable and solid for greater stability and good health in your life.

You love that new apartment.  Just remember that all aspects of the building and surroundings affect the energy of your new home!  — Gabriele Amersbach, Lucky Path Feng Shui

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