Welcome to Lucky Path Feng Shui!

Have you ever wondered why you are uncomfortable in a friend or relative’s home — or even your own?

Do you feel overwhelmed, irritable, and
lacking energy in your office?

Feng Shui can give you answers—and solutions! The 4,000-year old practice is based on the concept that everything in your environment has energy and “speaks” to you, whether or not you are conscious of it. Some messages?

  • A cluttered, dirty garage can be the trigger to your irritability and bad temper before you even enter your living space.
  • A teen’s dark, messy room filled with piles of clothing, junk, and violent posters can nurture teen rebellion, depression, and lack of interest in academics.
  • The exercise machine, computer, overflowing laundry basket, and office files in your bedroom may be a block to romance and intimacy.

Lucky Path Feng Shui can help you change the messages your personal and work environment are sending.

With just a few Feng Shui adjustments, you can be on a lucky path in your relationships, your health, and your career!


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