Guns and Feng Shui

Yet another horrific shooting in Colorado—a state already etched into America’s consciousness with the 1999 shooting of 14 children at Colombine High School.  This time, 12 are dead so far, and 50 are wounded, including a four-month old infant.

Feng Shui tells us our environment is a reflection of our inner world—and our inner world shapes our environment.

The environment in the US?

  •  Nearly 47 percent of all Americans own guns—yet statistics tell us we have more of a chance of dying from gun violence if our homes contain a gun.
  •  America is the highest exporter of weapons (as of 2000)—and we have the highest rate of gun deaths in ALL industrial countries.

I won’t go on—in America, eyes glaze over at these horrific statistics as yet another pro-concealed weapon law is passed.  Perhaps if we understood the association of guns and violence from a Feng Shui perspective…

Everything in our environment sends us messages—consciously and unconsciously.  You have a lot of snack food in the house?  You’ll probably be a greater risk for obesity because you tend to eat it.  Pictures all around of Italy?  You’ll probably go there some time.  Broken down appliances, clutter, and dirt in you home? Often the setting for depression, despair, and financial hardship.

America’s focus on guns

And our American focus on keeping guns in the home, playing violent video games, and watching the most brutal violence as daily TV and movie fare?  Well, we can’t possibly be surprised at yet another national shooting tragedy. I notice the shooter didn’t choose Madagascar 3 as his background scenario.

So until we come up with an acceptable legal approach that can truly reduce death from gun violence, we can make personal changes to bring peace into our homes:

  • Move the gun out of the house—or at least lock it up since you have a much greater chance of being shot yourself than shooting an intruder.
  • Monitor the daily violence you and your children consume on TV and the computer.
  • Use peaceful language.

Four thousand years of experience in Feng Shui tells us we become that with which we surround ourselves.  A gun under the bed or flowers on the nightstand?  Choose wisely.  –Gabriele Amersbach, Lucky Path Feng Shui

*Statistics come from the CCD and the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.


  1. Good thoughts. I know I could never live in a home where there was a gun.

  2. luckypath says:

    Thanks for reading!

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