Six Feng Shui Tips for Your Spring Garden!

In Feng Shui, we learn that your garden is as important as the inside of your house in affecting the energy of the family.  These six tips will make sure your yard has smooth, gentle, and nurturing energy flow.

1.  Check for plants, bushes and trees that didn’t make it through the winter.  Dead plants in your yard (and in your home) do not set the stage for a vibrant energized environment of growth and opportunity.  Remove whole plants or cut away dead limbs.

2.  Don’t leave tree stumps visible—these are sad reminders of what used to grow here.  Have stumps removed or ground.

3.  Add flowers and color to the area near the entrance of your home—in Feng Shui we know that the entrance to the home is where we symbolically invite in new opportunities and energy.  Therefore, make the entrance as inviting as possible!

4.  An outdoor fountain can add visual appeal and energy—well placed fountains are wonderful energizers.  Placed near the front door (inside or out), they are known to draw money and financial opportunities into the home.

5.  Avoid dead spots in your lawn—in Feng Shui terms, dead spots in your lawn represent areas of your life you may be neglecting.  By the way, that goes for poison ivy patches as well! Weed and reseed—by placing the bagua over your garden and determining where weedy areas are, you can bring areas of neglect in your personal life into your consciousness.

6.  Stay organic and green—Feng Shui is all about harmony and balance.  If you sacrifice birds, small animals, and even beneficial insects for a deep green lawn dependent on chemicals, your lawn and life may lack balance.  With green products that stimulate plant growth without harming other living beings in your environment, you are symbolically supporting a harmonious life style.  In the Raleigh area, check out Leap Frog Land Care for a green approach to lawn care.   Gabriele Amersbach, Lucky Path Shui 4-29-12


  1. Thank You this article is so helpful, Another Idea to decorate my Garden.

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