Feng Shui and Family Transitions Part 3: The family heirlooms…

In my FengWeddingRing Shui practice, I often find that families who’ve taken in most of the furnishings from the family home when parents move or pass on often find they feel overwhelmed with the past and are unable to move forward in their own lives.

After the death of a parent, one client had turned her home office into a repository for family heirloom furniture that was inappropriate for business use—as well as requiring repair.  Even her desk was a small antique.  I wasn’t surprised to hear she had turned her living room into her workspace.

Together we made a plan for her to find another area in the house to honor family memories and valuable antiques.  In order to work productively in her office, she needed a large, modern desk and a comfortable chair (!), room for file cabinets, and great lighting.

She kept a few antique pictures that helped her feel tranquil and supported by family.  The rest of the wall space was for bulletin boards and a white board for planning.  Now she had a nurturing office space that welcomed her each morning.  Yes, she moved back in.

A note about family jewelry:  Make sure you cleanse antique jewelry (with sage smudging or other cleansing method).  If the previous owner of your piece of jewelry was unhappy or had other issues, those vibrations may still cling to the piece you wear next to your body!

And if you are considering giving or wearing an heirloom engagement or wedding ring from a relative that you know was unhappy in their marriage, you may wish to pass altogether and save up for jewelry that has no negative vibes!

Gabriele Amersbach, Lucky Path Feng Shui




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