Feng Shui and Family Transitions Part 2: Changes in Career


Feng Shui tells us that the home office can have a major impact on how we look at our work  success, our productivity, and how we move forward in our career.  A recent client, a successful professional, spoke longingly about his need for a home office.  While he had an office at his place of work, he was facing hard decisions about a major career change.  He needed mental—and physical—space  to contemplate and plan this move.

There was no room in the home for a separate office, but a child was leaving for college in a few months.  I worked with the family to encourage the father to make his son’s bedroom a home office—with a futon for the son when he’d return for holidays.

 As the major breadwinner in the family, the father’s need for a private home space to contemplate his options could have a significant impact on the family’s finances.

Financial success required a new priority!

Another client was building a home business. She had a small condo with two bedrooms, a master and a beautifully appointed guest bedroom.  Her home office was crammed into a tight alcove that did not allow her to expand.  This cramped space was a metaphor for the limitations she felt in her business.

I encouraged her to use the spacious second bedroom as a home office so she could physically expand and metaphorically make her home business a priority in her life since her finances required a greater commitment.  Let guests—who may visit a few times a year—sleep on an air mattress or again the futon.  No, not as comfortable for her guests, but her financial success required a new priority!

Gabriele Amersbach — Lucky Path Feng Shui

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