Feng Shui and Family Transitions Part 1: After the Break up

moving_day1Feng shui tells us that major transitions in our lives—marriages, divorces or breakups, children moving out and back into the family home, elderly parents moving out of the family home, kids growing up—all require changes in our home environment.



I often work with clients post divorce or break-up as they take a new look at an environment minus furnishings that the spouse has taken.  Others are adjusting to a small condo or townhouse rather than the four- or five-bedroom house they shared with the ex.

Sometimes making a new home involves rearranging furniture (or buying a few new pieces) to erase the feeling of abandonment from the rooms—and in one’s heart.  Some clients need to remove furniture with too many memories.  One woman was finally able to move on after a divorce when she removed her husband’s favorite chair from the living room.  Another client found it impossible to release an estranged spouse who stored many of his belongings in the family garage—and stopped by frequently to pick something up.  Only when all of his belongings were out of the garage could she truly consider a new life.

A recently divorced male client asked me to help him to take a new look at his townhouse.  His goal was to build a strong relationship with two sons and their spouses post divorce, yet his living room was set up for one person to comfortably lounge in front of the large flat screen TV.  The dining area involved a small table barely able to seat two.  We planned a new seating area for in the living room to comfortably seat six in an easy, relaxed arrangement that would encourage conversation, eating together, and possibly bonding with his children as a newly single dad.

If you have gone through a divorce or break-up, look at your physical space to support your new status.  Remove emotional reminders, rearrange furniture, paint, and add new pieces that truly make your space your own.

Check back tomorrow when we continue our series and discuss Feng Shui and major career transitions.–Gabriele Amersbach, Luck Path Feng Shui

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