Elephants and Feng Shui: Nine Ways to Use Elephants for Good Luck!

Elephants and Feng Shui

Elephants and Feng Shui–Elephants are often used in Feng Shui to energize certain areas of the home and for good luck. The elephant is associated with Buddha and the Indian deity Ganesh and can be used to symbolize power, wisdom, strength, protection of the home, fertility, and general good luck.

Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that elephants should have their trunks facing upwards to represent prosperity, good luck, and success.

Nine ways the elephant can be used in a home:

1. Bringing good luck into the home — Place a statue of an elephant, or a pair of elephants, at the front door facing inward to signal good luck and blessings entering the home.

2. Protection— Place an elephant or pair of elephants facing outward to protect the home and to prevent the loss of chi from the home.

3. Promote love and fidelity – Display an elephant or a pair of elephants in the bedroom to promote love and faithfulness between a couple..

4. Bonding between mother and child – Place a statue of a mother elephant and her baby, a symbol of the love and bonding between a mother and her children, in your Family or Children section to strengthen the bond.

5. Fertility – Place an elephant statue beside the bed or place a pair, one on either side of the bedroom door, to welcome in “infant” energy.

6. Knowledge and academic success – Place a statue in your child’s bedroom, on his or her desk, or wherever s/he does homework.  The elephant is a symbol of knowledge and academic success.

7. Energize the Career area – Place an elephant near the door or the Career area to symbolize wisdom and power.

8. Work success – Place an elephant near the front door or the door of the office to attract power and to protect the person from bad energy in the office.

9. Good management – Place an elephant on your work desk facing out to symbolize intelligent leadership, poise under pressure, and cautiousness.

 –Gabriele Amersbach, Lucky Path Feng Shui






  1. Hai
    I have brought new 2 elephant in white marble and placed in front main entrance facing east pls let me how does it works in our life and its good sign or etc

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Elephants are always good luck at the front door. Make sure you set your own intention about what it is you want these elephants to do–do you see them as protective? It is your intention that determines their role in your home. All the best, Vijay! Gabriele

  2. Thank you. My husband and I hope you can help. Sue Pompanobeach

  3. Hi Gabriele,

    Thanks for the crisp yet very informative article.
    Reading this i have a question in my mind…

    Is it a good idea to keep an elephant/elephants facing the main door (from inside the house) for protection , at the same time, keeping a couple of elephants leading into the house from the main door, for good luck? In our case, the elephants (used as a protection cure and good luck) will be facing each other. Is that still good?


    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Well, if you love elephants and you set your intent about what you hope for, you can set them up in any way that works for you! Thanks for the hello.

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hi, thanks for the hello and sorry about the delay in response. Just saw your post, SK. You can use elephants for both purposes. Just make sure to set your intention so that you are not just placing objects without your goals being clear! All the best, Gabriele

  4. nancy willatt says:

    Hello! I have a pair of chilins. I put them in front of the door ( outward) is that ok? Should I put them in another place? Thanks!

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Elephants are great guarding the door–just make sure the trucks are up to welcome in all that good luck!

  5. Hi
    I have bought three elephants which are one smaller than the other. I want it to be placed in such a way it brings good luck for us.please advice on were to keep them and they are in gold in color with blue brocade work on them.

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello! You can place them facing outward to ward off danger or facing inward in the house to symbolize the opportunities marching into your home. Gold and blue are wealth colors so they should work very well! Best, Gabriele

  6. hi

    my main door entrance directly faces the window when you enter should I place the elephant with gold coin statue at the entrance facing inside.

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hi, it depends if you are looking for protection–then the elephant should face outward. If you are welcoming new opportunity into your home, you will want to have the elephant facing toward the inside. All the best! Gabriele

  7. Hi Gabriel,
    When we bought our restaurant the previous owner left a 2′ tall elephant. we repainted it looks beautiful.I have a concern it’s trunk is downwards. And people say it’s not auspecious. I’ll appreciate your advice.

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hi Jyoti, you love the elephant so it’s good luck for you no matter how the trunk is positioned! Set your intention that when you see the elephant, you imagine good luck and opportunity entering your restaurant. You may even want to do a small ritual where you state your intention 9 times (the number of manifestation). You can say something like, “This elephant is a symbol of all the opportunity marching into our front door. We are thankful for the elephant’s loyalty and protection,” or something that is meaningful to you! All the best, Gabriele

  8. Hiii. I have brought 2 elephants of same size with right legs forward walking & trunk upwards. I have 2 entrance should I keep one elephant facing inward for luck & success & another facing outward for protection. Please suggest me . Regards pravin

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello Pravin, your intention is important–it’s great to have elephants on both entrances. Just make sure you are clear what your goal is when you look at them. Elephants are great for good luck. Many blessings! Gabriele, Lucky Path Feng Shui

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello Pravin, sorry about the delay–just moved and am catching up. It’s up to you what your purpose is by the door. If you feel a strong need for protection, have the elephants facing outward–and set your intention that they are there to be protective. If you feel welcoming new opportunities is more important, than have them facing inside near the front door. Set your intention that they are there to welcome good fortune and they serve as a reminder of all the blessings coming your way every time you see the elephant. Western Feng Shui focuses more on location rather than direction, so consider placing the elephants near the front doors (Career area–see the bagua on my site) and near the door of an office as a start (again facing outward if you feel threatened at work or facing inward if you’d like your work to have more opportunities for growth and promotion).

  9. Getting ready to open a new business what direction should the store be facing, I have been told east? and I am going to place two elephants at the front door can I place one inward and one outward both for good luck and protection?

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello Bobby, first of all, the best direction to face is East, but more importantly is what is around the store–are there thriving, healthy businesses around you? Does the area allow for easy walk-in traffic? Does traffic move very quickly past the store location? As for the door–make the entrance as attractive as possible–keep clean, painted, fingerprint free, well lit, in perfect condition, with a large, black new welcome mat! The elephants could both face outward. Inside the store, you can have another elephant facing inward symbolizing all those good opportunities marching in! Thank you for your comments and all the best with your business! Gabriele (sorry about the delay–just moved and am catching up…watch my blogs–will be doing one on the best locations for business shortly…)

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Hello Gabriele,

    About elephants with their trunks down or an elephant sitting and trunk is down… At my work there is an elephant sitting and trunk down, it belong to the receptionist who now left the office without a two week notice just left, then a secretary grabbed that elephant and not sure how long it took but then she was fired after some problems, and then another secretary grabbed the elephant and she also had issues and left the company. Now that elephant is in our kitchen and the only one that noticed all this happening was me. I shared what I witnessed to another co-worker and she said we should just leave it in the kitchen. I eat in this kitchen daily and I feel fine, but I would never buy an elephant with it’s trunk down. And I am an elephant lover. My elephants at home are gold, jade and wood – all with their trunks up. And of course I set my intentions and do my affirmations. My home is full of love, health and happiness just like my job. — Any opinions on this Gabriele much appreciated! Namaste’

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello Jacqueline–fascinating story! I do think your intention really matters. If you love your elephants and they make you smile every time you look at them, then they bring good luck. I hope you don’t think about all of the bad luck surrounding that elephant from work, however, every time you eat. Perhaps surround it in white light and set a positive intention so that every time you look at it you feel a positive association–rather than remembering all of the bad luck for your coworkers. (sorry about the delay–made a major move to another part of the country and and now getting back to catching up!) Blessings! Gabriele

  11. I have wooden dark brown 1 foot elephant a gift given by my friend
    with its trunk down. pls advice best use of the elephant in the hall area and various combination.

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      The use of the elephant or any symbol depends on what your goals are. All the best! Gabriele

  12. janeth alamo says:

    I got elephant both gold. One big elephant and one are small but i but set up my big elephant under my marble bench the the other one on the marble bench with my other brown elephant and my water dragon …just facing frontmy main doors.. It is gud luck too.

  13. Hi Gabriele,

    I found your suggestions & guidance to be very informative & attractive. I have one solid Brass 5 inch Elephant with trunk down and one white metal Lion 4inch height. Also, I have two wooden Elephants 18inch height. Kindly advice which direction should I put so as to get good growth & opportunities in career & finances.


    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Elephants are always great near the Career area (the middle of the front of your home). Also place one facing the door in your office. You can also place one in the wealth area, where you set your intention that they are symbols of good luck and fortune and are there to remind you that opportunities and blessings are coming your way if you focus on the positive in your life! All the best, Pankaj

  14. I have 3 little glass elephants one big and two smaller ones with there trunks up. They are a kind of peach/ pale orange colour I would say. I found them in a charity shop years ago but have them wrapped in bubble wrap for years in a draw. What’s the best way to position them and put them in the home for luck and finances etc.

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hi, elephants are great facing the door–set your intention that they are welcoming good fortune into your home!

  15. My outside door faces east,then I come in to a entry way then thru another door going left. So I do I place my statue outside or in the entryway facing inward?

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      It’s good to place the elephant facing outward outside as a sign of protection. On the inside, have it face the inside of the home as a sign of opportunities coming into your life. Good luck!

  16. Ekta Sahni says:

    Hi, my friend gifted me a small silver elephant With it’s trunk upward… Is it good to keep it in my mandir which is facing my entrance n is in North East of the house

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      I have received quite a few e-mails about this post. I just want to add, as a practitioner of Western Feng Shui, I do not focus on directions nor am I familiar with how Ganesha and other elephant type deities are used. To summarize, the best type of elephant has the trunk up. Have it face a door for protection or inward to symbolize opportunities entering. The color can depend on personal taste, although black works well in the Career and Wealth guas (see the Bagua on this site). Metal elephants can work well in the Children/Creativity gua. But let your own taste be your guide. If you feel good when you look at an object, it is working for you. Thanks! Gabriele

  17. Am planning to use elephant with trunks up as my business logo for strength, powerful, success, prosperity and good luck. Would like have your nice advice for the elephant facing, right facing or left facing or …. front facing? And i creating with yellow/chocolate color, will the color spoil the luck?

  18. Hi
    I have 2 elephants with their trucks facing up
    I job at bought a new house in Australia. Can I put these two elephants at my entrance, one elephant one one side n other on other side of the main door. But their faces will be at road n back towards my house. I m confused
    Please reply

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Elephants work well as symbols of protection and good luck when they are placed on both sides of the main door facing outward. Good luck with your new home! Best, Gabriele, Lucky Path Feng Shui

  19. My in-laws gave me a gift of elephant statue. Three elephant with their trunks raised and the mother and child elephant facing the father elephant. I wanted to ask if its inauspicious for the elephants to face each other with their trunks raised as me and my wife are not alwats in a happy mode. And if its auspicious then where should I place it in my bedroom.

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello Shiv. Your beliefs about the elephants determine their impact on your emotions. If you look at them and they feel antagonistic to you, then you may wish to rearrange or remove from sight. If, however, you see this configuration as one that indicates family unity and harmony–and you feel this when you see the elephants–then this is the emotion projected. All the best, Gabriele

  20. sanjay mehta says:

    I saw (3) ELEPHANT family mother father n baby which i want to place in Living room
    ..facing main door of my house…is this good …if good plz reply

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      A family of elephants can symbolize family harmony and work well in rooms where the family spends a lot of time–like a living room. Facing the main door can add an element of protection. All the best, Gabriele, Lucky Path Feng Shui

  21. Hi,

    I had a pair of white marble elephants passed down to us by my aunt. One of it is broken now and so we threw it away. I have one left. Is it bad to keep it since its now no longer a pair ? Its trunk is also facing down, is that an issue ?


    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello Jeevitha. Thanks for the hello! If you love the single elephant and enjoy it in your living space, then it’s perfect for you! Your own preferences determine what ultimately works well for you. Just place it and set your intention–perhaps it’s a happy reminder of a beloved relative. This then adds to the harmony in your home. Best, Gabriele

  22. Hi wanted to buy elephant statue and place in front of the house is it good to have one or two

    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello. That is your personal preference. It’s great if the elephant has it’s truck up–and you set your intention when you place it. Are you welcoming in new opportunities? Are you feeling the elephant is there for protection? Set your intention and enjoy your elephant! Gabriele

  23. Hello,

    I just purchased a white ceramic stool with an elephant’s head on it. The trunk is down. I’m planning to use it in the house maybe in my office or Buddha room. Having read your article, I’m not sure if the elephant’s head is a good feng shui sign. So your input would be appreciated. Thank you.


    • Gabriele Amersbach says:

      Hello Pam. Thanks for the hello. My first question is, do you like this piece? Does it feel comfortable and restful? Then it’s great Feng Shui! The goal of Feng Shui is to bring harmony and balance into your home. If the piece offers that, you are in good shape! Gabriele

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