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Career and Business

The first person I called once we purchased Triangle Spine Center was Gabriele Amersbach at Lucky Path Feng Shui.  We really wanted to create a relaxing, productive environment.  Gabriele helped us with our wall colors, lay-out, décor, and even suggested construction elements for our tenant improvements. Since completing our remodel, we have gotten so many compliments on our décor.  One of our patients even copied our color scheme in her house! We are thrilled with the results.  I don’t know why every business owner doesn’t start with a Lucky Path Feng Shui consult.” Rita Sellers, Co-Owner, Triangle Spine Center,


My intentions have been energized by some simple changes that were recommended by Gabriele. First she delved into my space with some fantastic questions that made me think…she helped me to design an office that is bringing me much success! Karen Anderson, message therapist,


You were awesome and shared so much of your wisdom with me. We focused on the travel spot in house, and after 25 years of never taking a vacation, we were able to take a month off from our business and travel to Italy and Greece. In the past we were lucky to take off a few days. All I can say is somehow all worked. I am a believer!” – Heidi Beaudoin, Renovation Lady 


Had my best month since starting my biz in November, which can be a slow time in my industry. I am also amazed at how opportunities just seem to keep “falling” into my lap! I have always had a positive attitude towards it, [Feng Shui] but I now see after having a true in-depth consultation, the big impact it can have. – Julie Seibert, Healing with Organization,


Business-wise, my business has done well…It is very steady and I am pleased! – Melanie P.


We applied nearly all your suggestions to my career area. The space is now wholly my office and feels so much more open and relaxed…. now steadily working and experiencing a new level of creativity and efficiency. – Sam Uhl, Cheerful Word,



Gabriele said that my house was missing the relationship section (it was outside on the deck) and that it could affect my relationships. Of course I was not happy to hear this since I had been having trouble meeting the right type of guy. Fortunately, she told me exactly how to get around the problem and made some recommendations. I took her advice and believe it or not, I started dating someone a week later!! – Annette H.


The Feng Shui consultation was informative and enlightening…The changes in the relationship areas…were immediately felt… romance seems to be hovering throughout the home. Cards and flowers have appeared out of the clear blue…just because! : ) – Sam Uhl, Cheerful Word


My love life has picked up… Old boyfriend did not come back, but we are in touch, and someone new entered my life! – Melanie P.


Energy in the Home

I made many adjustments to my house after the consultation. I brought colors into rooms that I never would have chosen and it made such a big difference. Friends have said it feels warm and welcoming. I love it! – Annette H.


We had Gabriele in to do a full consultation on our home. It was great—and fascinating. I have a hubby that was less than enthusiastic, but he went along with it, more or less, just to please me. After Gabriele left, I coaxed him into making a couple of the changes she’d suggested. We rearranged the office first. WOW!! What a difference—we couldn’t believe it. Even my “Doubting Thomas” was thrilled. Next in the kitchen, which is our “couples” area—we put up pairs of things as Gabriele recommended. It is much warmer in there now. We then changed the placement of plants on the front porch. Again hubby was thrilled at the difference such a small change made. – Erin and Ed


So far, the changes have resulted in a calmer, more relaxed, peaceful and joyful home. -Sam Uhl, Cheerful Word


The consultation gave me the enthusiasm to redo rooms that really needed it…there is a greater feeling of peace and well-being. I can’t wait to see what it’s like when I am all done. – Linda Thompson


I have made some adjustments, and both I and my guests feel that the home is more welcoming. Rooms have a cleaner and warmer feel to them. They welcome you and I enjoy being in them. There also seems to be a specific purpose to each room and I don’t feel as confused about what the room is used for. I still have much do to and look forward to completing the adjustments. – Wayne M.



Healthwise, I had a back problem that was resolved and the healing was very quick. – Melanie P.


Perception of Feng Shui and Consult
We love our home and we love it more since we had Gabriele in to do her thing. She is amazing, and it is great!! – Erin and Ed


I knew very little about Feng Shui before this but now I can appreciate why it is so important. The colors and placement of things in the house really do affect how I feel in the space. I had rooms I would avoid before, but now I use the whole house and was even inspired to entertain more!! – Annette H.


It [the consult] was very positive and informative. I learned lots of little tidbits as you explored my home. I appreciated that the situations were doable & affordable—not replace the staircase and make it face another way. – Julie Seibert, Healing with Organization


I have had such a positive experience from our Feng Shui consult. I am a true believer now! I thought you were great. I so enjoyed spending that time with you and have told several people about my new-found Feng Shui beliefs and consultant! – Melanie P.


As a single male I am lost when it comes to selecting colors and themes in a room. The consultation was very useful and helpful; it helped to establish a direction for decorating my home. – Wayne M.


It is a well-founded, practical application of ancient methods that simply works. – Sam Uhl, Cheerful Word


The consultation with Gabriele was very thorough and detailed. As we went through each room of the house, she made great recommendations for how to change things that required little or no money. I enjoyed hearing what each part of the house represents in Feng Shui and how to create good energy flow. Gabriele provided a detailed report that I could use to make changes at my own pace. – Annette H.



  1. Jean King says:

    I really liked this blog…am going to update Vickys desk asap. Good luck with your business…oops, does Feng Shui include luck?

  2. Gabriele Amersbach says:

    Thanks for the kind words–am thinking of you and wish you two all the best!

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