12 Tips to Healthy Basement Living

BasementAs millenials move back home, mom and dad often have to take a new look at their home basement.  The exercise room, junk storage space, or dad cave may need to be transformed into a space that is comfortable, healthy, and doesn’t induce depression. You don’t want a space that is so dark, heavy, and cavelike that the prodigal child never wants to emerge, find a better paying job, and ultimately move out!  Here’s 12 tips to lift the energy and keep your familial tenant energized–and job hunting!

1.  Choose brighter colors on the walls–soft pastels, even white–but definitely avoid muddy colors–mustards, browns, grays, etc.

2.  Highest wattage of lighting and plenty of lamps–preferably with natural spectrum light bulbs–limited natural light saps energy and motivation.

3.  Include plants and uplighting in the decor (torchiere style lamps help push up the energy).

4. Make sure there is no dampness or mold–get this checked!–to avoid major health consequences.

5.  A humidifier is usually a prerequisite to healthy basement living.

6.  Add artwork that includes nature scenes to bring the outdoors into this space since you probably don’t have any window views.

7.  Choose pictures that are cheerful and uplifting.

8.  The stairs leading to the basement should be inviting and well lit–you don’t want to step down into a dingy space!

8.  In the stairwell, add artwork that is horizontal and does not follow the angle of the stairs going down.  This takes away the “plunging” feeling when one goes down the stairs.  It also makes the ascent easier.  Large tapestries work well here!

9.  Stairs should be painted a bright, warm color.

10. Make sure you have an uplifting picture that you can focus on at the bottom of the stairs if you walk down towards a wall.

12.  Keep furnishings light and airy, not heavy and bulky. You already have the whole house on top of you–your furnishings should not be another source of weight!  — Gabriele Amersbach, Lucky Path Feng Shui


  1. could have used this 9 years ago when polly and fern redid the basement

  2. Gabriele Amersbach says:

    Thanks for reading! Never too late to make a few changes…

  3. My basement is a complete mess! Thanks for having these ideas! Now I can start reorganizing my basement the way it has to be.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful tips for basement health. I wish these tips will help a lot to keep basement healthy.

  5. Gabriele Amersbach says:

    Thank you for the comments, Chris! I hope your basement is comfortable and a healthy place to be. Best, Gabriele

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